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Top 5 Mistakes when Planning an Event

So you’re trying to plan a successful event and you are pretty sure that you’ve crossed all your t’s and dotted all of your i’s….

but have you truly considered everything?

Take a peek at these top 5 common mistakes when planning events:

1) You don’t know your audience.

This can be a huge deal in some cases. Knowing your AUDIENCE is key to pretty much everything. What food should be there? How about decorations? Are we playing music and if so, what kind?

All of those answers can, and should, be considered when thinking about your events audience.

We definitely do not want to end up like Sookie from Gilmore Girls making jalapeño mac ‘n cheese for a kids Star Wars birthday party.

2) Not budgeting your event.

The first step when planning an event is always to create a BUDGET. Seriously, this is probably the most common mistake and it should be done prior to any other decisions. Whether you’re planning the event for yourself or you’re planning for others, everyone needs to sit down and come up with a reasonable number.

The budget is what will keep you in check when checking out a venue that is $5,000 over your total event budget…no matter how magical it is.

3) Over decorating…or under decorating

Again, we go back to the idea of knowing your event audience to figure out your DECOR. If this is a kids party, then we know it’s probably all going to be dirtied pretty quickly, not to mention I’ve never come across a four year old complimenting the silverware. So we know that plastic or paper theme decor works perfectly! However, if this is an engagement party for your sister..I would stray from the plastic ware section of the grocery store unless you want to see her practice her Bridezilla face already.

4) Food and Drinks

Another big–and common–mistake.

Every event requires FOOD and DRINKS, no matter what. They serve many different purposes at social gatherings besides just satiating your guests. They can be a conversation starter, they can be a security blanket, they can unleash the social butterfly from within (proceed with caution: some butterflies can get wild).

Not only do you need to make sure that you HAVE good food and drinks available, but you NEED to make sure you have enough! If you have 50 people and only enough food for 25…it could quickly turn into Lord of  the Flies.

5) Specific Invitations

INVITATIONS are made to be short and sweet, but they also need all of the information. If you’re planning the event than my best guess is that you will also be there helping set everything up, so you won’t be able to take 10 phone calls from cousins asking which pavilion you’re at.

Make sure to include all necessary details on the invitations to avoid awkward “I didn’t know that kids weren’t supposed to come to a wine tasting” conversation.

No matter what type of event you are planning, keep these 5 things in mind and you are on your way to a successful party!

Have you ever made a mistake at event? Tell me about it in the comments below!

-Zabrina Vogelsang


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